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HKU Health System

HKU Health System

HKU Health System is the umbrella executive arm overseeing the Faculty’s clinical enterprises as well as the branding focal point of the teaching, research and clinical activities therein. The purview of HKU Health System includes, but not limited to, our flagship local teaching partner Queen Mary Hospital (“QMH”) as well as other HA teaching hospitals, the fledgling but signal HKU-Shenzhen Hospital, the Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital (“GHK”) and our clinical academic unit at Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital (“HKSH”). With QMH we are well covered for the local public sector; HKU-Shenzhen is at the leading edge of Mainland public sector healthcare reform; GHK is our first full-scale private sector experiment in partnership with a global health care conglomerate whereas the HKSH has been our first and most reliable private sector partner.

Queen Mary HospitalHKU-SZ HospitalGleneagles Hong Kong (GHK) HospitalHKU Clinical Academic Unit Office

The organisational framework of the HKU Health System will evolve with the times. The current set-up is as below:


Being a medical school, the twinned mission of education and innovation must remain at our core. The Faculty will continue to remain intently focused on our core mission and our attention is trained on good clinical governance of the institutions with which we partner. We also engage in direct service provision, in order to expand our patient base thereby providing opportunities for high quality clinical research in a wider spectrum of diseases and clinical conditions. 
In addition to western allopathic inpatient facilities, HKU Health System plans to sharpen its expertise in integrative medicine through standardization of best clinical governance practice and more robust risk management with respect to the Chinese Medicine outpatient clinics for which our School of Chinese Medicine is responsible. Under the Associate Dean (Clinical Affairs) portfolio, we have successfully recruited our first Clinical Director (under the appointment as Clinical Professor of Practice) and a small but critical team of health care management specialists who will be steering the establishment of HKU Health System.



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Clinical Academic Unit


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Women’s health

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