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MBBS Intercalated Programmes

  • MBBS/Master of Public Health (MPH) The Master of Public Health (MPH) is a broadly based graduate training programme designed to prepare physicians, dentists, nurses, other health professionals, medical and health researchers and policy analysts to identify and analyse contemporary health and healthcare issues in Hong Kong, China and the Asia Pacific. Coursework in public health, health policy and management and behavioural sciences provides the basis for advanced study in every aspect of public health. These courses are essential for the practice of public health, for population-based primary care, and for evaluating clinical effectiveness in medicine.  The Hong Kong Medical Council recognises the Master of Public Health, MPH(HK) as quotable qualifications.
  • Master of Research in Medicine (MRes[Med]) The Master of Research in Medicine (MRes[Med]) programme aims to provide structured research training to MBBS students while they are in the medical school. With an objective to nurture a research culture among MBBS students, the programme will enable them to develop life-long clinical and/or laboratory research skills and the capability to engage in research effectively. On completion of the program, students will have demonstrated by presentation of a dissertation that he/she has acquired an acceptable level of knowledge and understanding in a chosen field of study.
  • Joint PhD Degree / Joint Educational Placement for PhD

    The joint PhD programme (with King’s College London) and joint educational placement for PhD (with University of Toronto) offer students the opportunities to benefit from shared research excellence in a wide range of disciplines between HKU and its prestigious partners. Students will acquire enriching international experience in research, an invaluable asset in their career development. The programmes are elite and will admit only a very small number of high calibre students.