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Support the Next Generation

From the Springboard Scholarships to the Second Chance Programme, likeminded individuals and organisations have chosen to support the next generation and to nurture the minds of tomorrow’s medical professionals through the Faculty, to provide deserving students with a chance to flourish.  Scholarships can be setup to support different students with different needs.  To learn more, contact us to find out how you can make a difference in changing the lives of those who are deserving of your support.

Second Chance

Starting from the 2016 intake, the Faculty will be introducing a new scheme called “Second Chance”. This admission route will be open to all comers, including high school leavers from previous years, as well as degree holders. The scheme is sympathetic to those who show a deep, sustained and demonstrable conviction to become a humane practitioner, despite setbacks and detours in their earlier professional and academic journeys. Those who had not previously applied but have now identified medicine, pharmacy, nursing, or Chinese medicine as a newfound career choice for laudable reasons will also be welcomed. 

The Scholarship aims to provide support to students of the Faculty who have demonstrated extraordinary resilience to make a mature but never too late entry to healthcare profession. 


With the generosity of donors who wish to recognize and reward excellence at the Faculty, a number of prizes are offered to students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in recognition of their academic performance.  Learn more to establish a prize at the Faculty.

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