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Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Global Health and Development (BASc[GHD])

The Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Global Health and Development (BASc[GHD]) programme, the first of its kind in Asia, provides students with the knowledge and competencies necessary to succeed within today’s rapidly evolving, international and interdisciplinary environment and to contribute towards solving today’s complex global health and development challenges.

This highly innovative programme will appeal to students who are intrigued by the interconnectedness of disciplines such as medical sciences, social sciences and humanities; are ready to develop a cross-cultural and international outlook; and to become leaders in developing sustainable solutions. It will also be attractive for those who appreciate the rich environment provided by Hong Kong for comparative studies in sustainable health and development.

The 96-credit interdisciplinary major is hosted by the LKS Faculty of Medicine in collaboration with the Asia Global Institute; Faculties of Architecture; Business and Economics; Law; Science; and Social Sciences.

The programme has four anchoring courses, one in each year of study, with a case-based problem-solving approach to assist students to navigate the interconnectedness among the various academic disciplines.

Three horizontal courses will be offered in Year 1 and 2 to cultivate an interdisciplinary mindset in students, to nurture their leadership and advocacy talents, and to hone their skills in cutting-edge big data sciences.

A distinctive feature of the programme is a compulsory capstone, during which students will be placed for a 6-month overseas experience arranged by HKU. Students will have the opportunity to receive mentoring and experience the work, and the working environment, of real-world organisations such as UN agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), consultancy groups, development banks and other financial institutions.

Students can plan their study with the remaining 90 credits in various manners. They may opt to take a minor and/or electives offered within the BASc(GHD) curriculum or that offered in other curricula.

The minor options offered in the BASc(GHD) curriculum include:

1. Minor in Global Health 2. Minor in Global Development in Asia
Example courses: Example courses:
Environmental change and socio-political conflicts Economic development
Urban and regional development 1 Introduction to international relations
Population and development Global political economy
The role of innovation and technology in shaping directions of health and development  The role and impact of private sector in health and development